History in Action. A presentation of the World Charter of Migrants

Extract from the World Charter Migrants

For five years now, a process has been evolving. Women and men have decided to tell the world that they exist and that they are entitled to rights regardless of where they choose to live. “Nothing for us and without us” is the principle that has inspired the process through which migrants are retaking control over their destiny and regaining their voice that has too long been silenced by political authorities and experts. On the basis of the principles of freedom of movement between countries and the right to stay where one chooses to live, millions of migrants from the four corners of the world have decided to come together to shout to the global society: “Let us pass, let us circulate, let us live”.

A long process
The World Charter of Migrants project was launched in Marseille in 2006 when 120 undocumented families mobilized to fight for their papers. It was one of the migrants, Crimo, who proposed the creation of a charter written by the migrants themselves based on their lives and their experiences. The first of its kind, the text was proposed at different international meetings and gathered support from a multitude of migrants who have since coordinated actions throughout their respective continents. These migrant leaders sought to put in place local assemblies that enabled a collective writing process based on discussions and exchanges between migrants. Various charter propositions emerged from the four continents and the international network produces a final synthesis of these texts.

From September 2010 to January 2011, the final charter was disseminated throughout the local assemblies in order to relaunch a discussion at the global level. During this phase of discussions, changes, and amendments to the final text, migrants throughout the world began to adopt these principles. This contributed to a growing political and social dynamic.

The charter was approved on February 4th, 2011 at Goree by migrants from throughout the world who had launched an action prior to the Global Social Forum in Dakar. Goree Island, a symbol of slavery and deportation, provided and apt location for migrants to propose a new era without barriers nor discrimination……

To read more click here Web:http://cmmigrants.org/


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