FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN – Rohingya and JRS Involvement

At the end of April 2015, countries in South East Asia faced a crisis of boat people where about 8,000 Rohingya were stranded in the boats and were not allowed to disembark. In May 20, 2015, Indonesia and Malaysian government decided to allow the Rohingya and migrant Bangladeshis to disembark and to set up shelters for them. JRS Indonesia immediately sent an assessment and response team to the site in Aceh for immediate emergency assistance and finding gaps of needs for the Rohingya.

Rohingya fundraisingJRS Overall Position
Rohingya people previously residing in Rakhine State, who have fled Myanmar into Bangladesh or undertaken risky maritime movement to reach relative safety in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia (among other countries) still face refoulement and gross human rights abuses in these transitory countries where they have no legal status. Even those recognized as refugees by UNHCR are facing an indefinite wait for resettlement, due to unclear policy on their eligibility for the limited resettlement places dedicated to refugees in the region. The Governments of the Asia Pacific Region should extend their hospitality, create welcoming spaces and guarantee the protection of Rohingya in their territory. They should also work together with UNHCR to coordinate a system of regional protection for the Rohingya, until such time as durable solutions can be found.  In the meantime, Rohingya people should remain eligible for resettlement.

JRS Timeline Response

• JRS Indonesia & Thailand has been involved to provide assistance for Rohingya and continue to monitor what happened with them with other NGO in the region.

• Responses to the crisis are material assistance to improve detention conditions and their daily basic needs of food, hygiene supplies, clothes, mats and medicines.

• Collaboration with local Caritas through health provision.

JRS has started a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN to respond to the Rohingya crisis

For donations, please see the following JRS link page:

We greatly appreciate your support and regardless of the amount, your contribution is very important and deeply appreciated. Thank you.


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