AIA Applies for NPO Status

Excerpt from SJ Province of Japan NEWS  (January, 2017)
written by Fr. M. Kayaba, S.J.
aia-npo-statusVolunteers and children in front of the AIA house.
Far left: Mr Nakamura, Principal

All the required paperwork presented by the Adachi International Academy (AIA) for recognition as an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) was formally accepted on 5 January. The documentation has been uploaded onto the homepage of the Tokyo Metro- politan Government for public perusal. A number of inquiries by the metro- politan government are now being made and, hopefully, the Governor’s approval will be obtained by the end of March.

AIA was inaugurated as an optional volunteer group on 1 June 2008, by the Japan Province of the Society, the Nicolas Barré Sisters of the Infant Jesus, the Religious of the Sacred Heart, and the Berriz Mercederians. Fr Kogure, then a scholastic in regency, worked hard to bring the project together. Centered in Adachi Ward, it provides opportunities for foreign residents and immigrants to learn Japanese and offers supplementary educational support for children. Fr Andō has served as Representative and Mr Nakamura Tomotarō (retired Sophia professor) as Principal. The successive Frs Socius of the province (Frs Kajiyama, Tsukurimichi, and Yamaoka) have been on the steering committee. Jesuit scholastics and language students have helped with the teaching of children.

In order to clarify AIA’s social responsibility and to make its activities ever more effective, a “committee to prepare for NPO status” was launched on 16 May 2016, necessary documents such as “Reasons for Establishment” and “Articles of Incorporation” were prepared, and now the official process for recognition is underway.


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