Foreigners Unwanted Booklet

The Tokyo Migrants Desk has recently published a booklet in Japanese on the plight of  migrant workers. People with foreign nationality coming to Japan namely, Migrant Workers, are heroes of the booklet. We meet them everyday on the train, in the supermarkets and in Church. They work hard in construction sites, in restaurants or in pubs. Sometimes they are caught up in incidents and the mass media reports them.

Reading “Foreigners Unwanted” could raise interest in the situation of Migrant Workers in Japan. This is not an “apology” of migrants but, rather, tries to communicate today’s realities in Japan.

Our desire is that this could help readers reflect on what can be done and the possibilities open to each one.

One feature of the booklet is comprehensive directory of institutions that specialize in migrant concerns.

2011/98 pages/¥300






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