Legal Assistance


The Jesuit Social Center, established in 1981, moved to Kibe Hall near Yotsuya JR Station in 2010.

In January 2011, a Migrants’ Desk to assist migrant workers and refugees was opened in cooperation with the Tokyo Public Law Office and started to offer free legal service to foreigners in need of assistance.

Free legal consultation for foreigners includes visa and official status, international marriage and other legal issues concerning foreigners.
Consultation day & time: legal service will be offered on the 4th Monday of every month from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Legal Consultation will be conducted by Ms Suzuki Masako attorney from Izumibashi Law Office.

Important notice:
Please contact the Migrant Desk for an appointment. Before the applicant gets to meet our lawyer, we first conduct an interview with each applicant. The reason for conducting the interview is to summarize and focus the case. After the interview we will know whether the applicant needs to seek legal consultation or not, or if could be maybe more suitable to refer the applicant to another source. For the interview the applicant is required to bring along a resident card, passport and other relevant private documents, as we need to confirm the applicant’s status.

Place: Kibe Hall 4th Floor(Kojimachi 6-5-1, Chiyoda-ku) near Yotsuya Station.
Translation when needed can be provided.

Please contact the Migrant Desk for an appointment.
Tel: 03-5215-1844 / Fax 03-5215-1845

時間:毎月第4月曜日 午後1:00~4:00


無料相談時間: 30分程度(通訳あり)
イエズス会社会司牧センター 移民デスク
岐部ホール4階(JR・メトロ  四ツ谷駅の近く)

La asistencia legal gratuita a Extranjeros incluye problemas legales de estancia en Japón (visados), matrimonios internacionales, etc.


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