In Japan
The migrant desk works in collaboration with groups and NGOs serving communities of migrant workers and trainees

In East Asia
We are active members of a Jesuit migrants’ network in East Asia doing
research and English publications. The network assists vulnerable migrant workers and promotes social awareness on social issues related to migrant workers through exchanges of information.

In the Jesuit Conference, the main centres working with migrants are

Sahabat Insan in Indonesia

Tokyo Migrants’ Desk in Japan

Yiutsari in South Korea

Rerum Novarum Center in Taiwan

UGAT Foundation in the Philippines

We facilitate the contacts of migrants with lawyers to receive needed legal advice. In view of the expected changes with regard to a new immigration law in Japan we have started a system of exchanges of information, called ‘migrants’ antenna’ to promote social awareness on the issue of migrant workers in Japan. In the field of education, we are planning to establish a Migrants’ Seminar House in collaboration with other groups and
organizations. The idea is to run short seminars for young migrants coming to work in Japan, to adapt to the new life of work and to the new realities they encounter here, to find communities accepting them, to know
Japanese culture.

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